Clay Cooking Casserole 1.5L (Terracotta Cookware) Kadai
Clay Cooking Casserole 1.5L (Terracotta Cookware) Kadai
Clay Cooking Casserole 1.5L (Terracotta Cookware) Kadai

Clay Cooking Casserole 1.5L (Terracotta Cookware) Kadai

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Ayurveda has revered the use of Clay (terracotta) for cooking, dining and for daily kitchen needs for centuries. 


  • The food tastes amazing as it naturally enhances the taste and aroma of the spices.
  • In other cookware, most nutrients due to heat deteriorate and get lost while cooking. Research has shown that even after cooking food in a clay pot, there is 99-100% nutrient retention in the food. No other cookware can achieve this level of technology.
  • Clay pots are naturally alkaline thus they neutralise the pH of the food cooked to reduce acidity. Hence, you won't feel heaviness, bloating or acidity after eating.
  • Food cooked in clay pots is easier to digest.
  • Allows heat circulation; food will stay hotter for longer because clay removes moisture, and evenly distributes heat.
  • Food stays hotter for longer when made and served in clay pot.
  • Clay is naturally antimicrobial thus it destroys toxins and bacteria present in the food while cooking. 
  • Less oil usage due to heat resistance & slow cooking.
  • Can be used for cooking rice, boiling vegetables, curries, soups and much more.


  • For a regular clean use warm water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad (coconut fibre scrub works best - without dishwashing liquid).
  • Do not use metallic scouring pads.
  • Do not clean with soap or detergent.
  • Use only lemon juice/peel or baking soda for cleaning.
  • Only hand wash. Do not use the dishwasher for any clay vessel. 
  • After cooking allow the vessel to cool down and then add hot water to it and leave it aside for 10mins so the food particles can loosen up and you can wash it easily.
  • After the vessel naturally dries, coat it with olive oil (or any natural oil).

Care & Maintenance:

  • Ensure to keep a specific clay pot for cooking gravies and don't use that for anything else. Keep a specific clay pot for cooking rice etc. This maintains the longevity of the Terracotta. 
  • Not suitable for electric stoves.
  • Ensure you cook on a low flame. 
  • Use wood ladles only.
  • Before First Use: Soak the pot in normal water for 2-4 hours and then thoroughly rinse with warm water inside/outside. Leave it dry. This step is only done once, to ensure the longevity/strength of the clay.
  • Avoid stacking other cookware on top to avoid breakage.
  • Terracotta is microwave safe, and can also be refrigerated. 
  • Do not add any frozen foods when clay cookware is heating/cooking. Allow frozen foods to be cooled down to room temperature first then add it in. Immediate opposite temperatures can shock the clay and makes it vulnerable. 

Material: 100% Natural Purified Red Clay (No Lead, No Heavy Metals, Unglazed). Clay has been used for centuries with the knowledge that has been passed down through generations from artisan potters. Handmade with love. 

Terracotta ware is the safest, healthiest and most eco-friendly ware in the world. Once the life of the terracotta is over you can simply break it and leave it in your garden, it will decompose naturally. It's from mother earth and goes back to mother earth.

Still to date ancient temples in India use clay pots to cook food. The reason is that soil (earth) is a pure element, just like fire, water & air. Hence purity is served to the Gods.

Capacity: 1.5L

Height with Lid - 15 cm
Diameter without handle side - 23.2 cm
Diameter with handle side - 27 cm

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